Opioid Transition Program

FootSteps – Focus on Opiate Transition

A safer, wellness-based alternative for Chronic Pain.

Do you use opiate pain medications & experience these symptoms?

  • Adverse side effects, & medicationrelated health problems
  • Brain fog and poor concentration
  • Increased need for higher or more frequent doses of medication over time
  • Dulled emotions
  • Declining function in both physical and personal lives
  • Poorly controlled pain
  • Inability to work
  • Inability to complete everyday tasks
  • New aches & pains in your body in areas that have not suffered injury

There is an alternative: The FOOT Steps Program

The Focus on Opiate Transition Program or FOOT Steps, is a pain management treatment alternative that helps people with chronic pain transition away from classic opiate use while fostering resilience, health, and wellness.

FOOT Steps uses integrative, evidence-based activities during the transition away from classic opiate use, such as:

  • Personalized, private medication management sessions
  • Educational discussions
  • Acupressure & Acupuncture
  • Gentle, adaptive movement training
  • Guided biofeedback & meditation

For many patients, attempts to reduce or stop the use of classic opiates result in failure due to intolerable side effects or inadequate pain control.

Transitioning off traditional opiates or to a safer medication alternative, has helped many patients rebuild function and regain control of their bodies and lives.

To Schedule a consultation or speak with a FOOT Steps team member:
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