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William R. Campbell, D.O.

William R. Campbell, D.O.

Dr. Campbell is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon treating Worker’s Compensation and Private Health Insurance patients in the Bay Area since 2007.  Treatment offices include, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Rosa and Vallejo. With thousands of cases worth of experience, Dr. Campbell brings a well-honed skill set to those patients in need of surgical treatment for their shoulder, knee and general Orthopedic injuries.  However, every patient is different, and many times good results can be obtained without heavy medication, aggressive treatment or surgery. Dr. Campbell derives a great deal of satisfaction in working with his patients as they choose from the various treatment options that best match their goal.

Dr. Campbell is almost universally accepted in all the various MPN’s (including the recently updated SCIF/Harbor Health Systems) as well as Private Health Insurance carriers (including Brown & Toland).

Dr. Campbell is also an Orthopedic Q.M.E. and has been recognized as AME on multiple occasions by firms such as Ratto, Hanna Brophy, Boxer & Gerson, Laughlin Falbo and others.  Practicing within the worker’s compensation arena for almost a decade has produced a keen understanding of the various issues surrounding AOE/COE, TTD, disability rating, apportionment, future medical care and the various other complexities of the med-legal evaluation process. Dr. Campbell maintains several Med-Legal Offices (see below) and appointments currently book out one to two months.

Dr. Campbell attended medical school at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. Later, he completed his orthopedic surgical residency in the Michigan State University system, and fellowship at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

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