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Varsha Sikka, M.D

Varsha Sikka, M.D

Dr. Sikka is a Double Board-Certified Physician in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine as well as Pain Management. She is a specialist in multiple chronic and acute pain management modalities including Ultrasound injections, Spinal injections, Prolo Therapy, Addiction Medicine, Suboxone maintenance, EMG/NCV Studies, Spine, musculoskeletal, repetitive stress injuries, acupuncture and sports medicine. In addition to  her work with pain management Dr. Sikka has strong professional interests and training in Closed Head Injury, Neuropsychiatric, and Spinal Cord Injuries . Dr. Sikka is adept in both Eastern and Western medical techniques. This breadth of knowledge insures the highest level of care for her patients.

After receiving her medical degree, Dr. Sikka completed her residency at the University of Colorado Medical Center. She then pursued post-graduate work in Adult and Pediatric Rehabilitation, Spinal Cord and Head Injury, Neuromuscular Disease, Prosthetic and Orthotic Evaluation, Electromyography and Acupuncture.

Since 1978 her practice has been focused in the Worker’s Compensation area. She possesses the skills and experience needed to address the issues and challenges unique in the treatment of injured workers.

Dr. Sikka practices in the Fairfield and Oakland offices since 2003.