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Michele Jehenson, D.D.S.

Michele Jehenson, D.D.S.

Michèle Jehenson, D.D.S.is one of only 17 dentists in the entire San Francisco Bay Area who are board certified in orofacial pain (www.ABOP.net).

After receiving a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of Liege, Belgiumanda DDS degree from Columbia University, Dr. Jehenson trained in Orofacial Pain at UCLA under Dr. R.Merrill and Dr. S. Graff-Radford, who pioneered the field of Orofacial Pain. She joined Dr. C. McNeill at the UCSF Center for Orofacial Pain andremains on staff as an associate professor at the UCSF Dental School. She recently obtained a certification in medical acupunture from the Helms Institute and Stanford Medical School.

Dr. Jehenson’s area of expertise is temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, neuropathic pain in the head and neck as well as primary headaches. She also works with patients with mild and moderate sleep apnea who cannot tolerate C-pap or would prefer a custom intraoral appliance.

Her philosophy in treatment is an evidence based interdisciplinary approach that includes not only medical and pharmacological treatment, but also adjunct therapies such as exercise, meditation, physical therapy, acupuncture, counseling and hypnosis; as needed.