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Jacob Rosenberg, M.D.

Jacob Rosenberg, M.D.

Dr. Jacob Rosenberg is the founder of IPM. Dr. Rosenberg graduated from Vanderbilt University, the University of Maryland Medical School, then completed an anesthesia residency at the University of Texas Houston.

Dr. Rosenberg first began treating chronic pain when he was an assistant professor of anesthesiology at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in 1984. After five years in private practice in Davis, California, he completed a pain management fellowship at the University of Utah School of Medicine, staying on as an assistant professor of anesthesia in pain management.

In 1995 he founded IPM , initiated a pain management fellowship program, and in 2002 started a multi-disciplinary functional restoration program along with Dr. Howard Rome. Under Dr. Rosenberg’s direction, IPM now has nearly a dozen staff physicians, a physical therapist with a Ph.D., and staff psychologists to care for the patient through the assessment and recovery process.

Dr Rosenberg’s philosophy for the treatment of chronic pain involves a partnership between the patient and physician. He understands that patients need information in order to make decisions and to take an active role in their care. His approach is to first identify any correctable pathology, then recommend options for managing pain and beginning rehabilitation. Dr. Rosenberg does not focus only on interventions that provide temporary pain relief. His goal is to address patients’ pain in order to improve their function and quality of life.

Dr Rosenberg is available for consultations and treatment of injured workers. His current practice primarily involves performing Qualified Medical Exams for injured workers.